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Motorhome Hire Questions
Everything you need to know - and more!

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Where can I go?

As long as you stay on paved roads, you can go anywhere in Scotland. However, we do ask that you give us a rough idea of where you are planning to go. We may be able to help you find more interesting places. We would suggest not to drive more than 50-80 miles per day. Click here for our route advice page. We do not allow our motorhomes out of Scotland.

How much does it cost to hire a motorhome?

The cost varies through the season.

Click here for our prices page.

What identification do drivers need to take?

All  drivers will need to bring their driving licence, a domestic bill or bank statement (original paper, not a photopcopy, or digital) showing the same address as the drivers license, plus 1 other form of photographic identification, preferably a passport.

For insurance purposes we WILL NOT be able to hand the motorhome over if all the required documentation is not provided. Click here for more guidance on documentation.


What happens to my booking if there is another COVID lock down?

We are aiming to be as flexible as possible at this very difficult time. Should any booking be affected by a lockdown then the booking will be transferred to the next mutually available date. There are no transfer charges for this. Refunds will be offered of transferring dates isn't possible.


What models of motorhome do you hire?

We currently have:

2 Autotrail F72 motorhomes (Best suited for couples. Capicity 2) (Now available for the 2023 season)

3 Zefiro 675 motorhomes (Best suited for families. Capacity 4) (Not available for the 2023 season)

3 Zefiro 690 motorhomes (Best suited for families, couples or 2 couples. Capacity 4) (Not available for 2023 season)

Click here to see our motorhome models

Which model of motorhome is best for me?

All our motorhomes are a similar size and capacity, however, the Zefiro 690 is slightly better for 1 or 2 couples and the Zefiro 675 is slightly better for families.

The Autotrail F72 model is best suited for couples.

Click here to see our motorhomes

Please note: For the 2023 season we will be running the F72 models only. This model can only take 1 couple.


How do I check availability and book?

For the quickest and easiest way to check availability and to book online, Click here for the booking page.

This is a live booking system and always up to date so there is no need to call.

We do not take bookings over the phone.


Can I drive with a standard car license?

All our motorhomes have a maximum authorised mass of 3500kg, and can be driven on a standard car license for manual transmission.

How big are the berths?

Zefiro 675: 2x Rear bunks 2.10m X 92cm  Top double berth 1.96m X 1.45 (This model will not be available for 2023)

Zefiro 690: Rear Double 2.07m X 1.30m Top double berth 2.10m X 1.60m (This model will not be available for 2023)

Autotrail F72: Rear double 2.11mx 127m 


Can I change my dates after booking?

Yes, as long as your alternative dates are available, then we are happy to change your dates up to 8 weeks before your booking.

Changes closer than 8 weeks may not be possible.

There is a £40 admin fee for changing dates.

Do I have to start or finish on a particular day?

We operate 6 days a week, so handovers can be anyday except Sundays.

We have minimum hire periods which vary through the season. Click here for details.


Do you have any motorhomes with automatic transmissions?

No. All of our motorhomes are manual transmission.

Do I need to leave a security deposit?

Yes, a £1250 credit card pre-authorisation is required when you commence your holiday.

This will be cancelled in full at the end of your holiday as long as the vehicle is returned clean, full of fuel, and undamaged.

We reserve the right to increase the security deposit to £2000 if the vehicle will be used in higher risk situations such as events or music festivals.


Can I pay to reduce the security deposit?

No, we do not offer an excess ruducing scheme.

There are several 3rd party insurers who will offer a policy for this.

We are not permitted to recommend any companies, however a Google search will provide plenty of choice.


How does the insurance work?

Once the hire documents are completed, all the named drivers will have fully comprehensive insurance cover for the duration of the hire.

There is also breakdown cover should anything go wrong.

We strongly recommend that you have a suitable travel insurance policy for this type of holiday, and you may wish to take out a hire excess policy to cover the £1000 insurance excess in the event of an incident. (£1,500 for customers attending events or music festivals, please ask before booking)

We do not offer any excess reducing schemes.


What about collection and returns?

Our collection time is 14:00 (15:00 after handover) and returns are at 09:00 or 8:30 for customers with pets.

During the winter we can be a little flexible on handover times

However, during the main season our motorhomes are very often on same day transfers and therefore we cannot be flexible with our handover or return times.

Handovers can be done any day except Sundays

All collections and returns are from our base at Beauly Holiday Park.


Can we collect before 14:00?

We clean and service the motorhomes between 8:30 and 14:00 which means we may not have staff available to process an earlier handover.

However, if you book early enough, then in the optional extras there is the possibility to request an 11am pick up for an additional fee. During busy periods or for last minute bookings we may not be able accept early pick up requests.


Can we arrive late evening or depart very early?

Yes, as we are based at Beauly Holiday Park and we have several staff living onsite, we easily accommodate this.

How long does the hand over take?

The handover normally takes 1hr.

You will be shown all the features and functions of the motorhome and given advice on routes.

All drivers must be present for the handover.

This is normally completed between 14:00 and 15:00.

Later handovers are available on request.


Where can I buy groceries?

There is a Co-op about 2 minutes from the park in Beauly that offers a click and collect service.

It is best to shop little and often, and there are plenty of stores in the Highlands.

What is the easiest way from Inverness airport or train station to Beauly?

We offer transfers each way which can be selected in the optional extras.

Collections are from 13:30 onwards and returns are normally at 8:30.

If you would prefer to make your own arrangements, there are taxi ranks both at the airport and the train station.

If you would like to pre-book then Beauly Taxis is located near us: 01463 782498.

You can also take a number 28 bus and it will stop near the park entrance on request.

Beauly Holiday Park is about 10 miles west of Inverness.


Can we collect or return to Edinburgh or Glasgow?

No, all handovers and returns need to be completed at our base at Beauly Holiday Park, near Inverness.

However, there are excellent train links to the rest of Scotland from there.


Can we view a motorhome before we hire?

Yes, however this is strictly by appointment only, as often all our motorhomes are out on hire.

What are your terms and conditions?

Click here for our terms and conditions

Do I have to stop at campsites?

(Covid update) At this time, due to the irresponsible actions of a minority of  off gride (wild) campers, there some ill feeling in the area to anyone off grid camping, sometimes called wild camping.

For this reason, we are currently strongly recommending using campsites every night.

Click here for a list of campsites.


How much do campsites cost?

Typically campsites are around £25 - £35 per night and £3 for electric hook up.

Click here for our route advice page.

Staying at Beauly Holiday Park is £20per night for our motorhome hire customers.

Will I need a generator?

No. The use of generators is prohibited due to fuel / fire risk.


Can I go to music festivals?

Due to insurance restrictions we do not allow our vehicle to be used to attend the larger music festivals such as Belladrum or T in the Park.

Smaller festivals may be permitted, please ask before booking.

The security deposit for attending events or festivals is increased to £1,500.


Can I use the motorhome for supporting a cycling event?

We only allow our motorhomes to be used in connection with road cycling events or touring.

We do not allow our motorhomes to be used in connection with mountain bike events such as the Strathpuffer.


Can I go abroad?

No. We do not allow our motorhomes to travel out of Scotland.

How much fuel will I use?

This really depends on how far you wish to travel.

Typically our vehicles achieve around 25mpg so we would say a budget of £150 would be about right for most people for a week.

Remember you are on holiday, take it easy and you will use much less fuel, and please remember to fill the tank when you return.

There are plenty of filling stations in the Scottish Highlands. Click here for a list of stations on the NC500.


What if something goes wrong?

Our motorhomes have full break down cover, in addition to this we also have emergency contact numbers.

Do I need a UK license?

No. Most European, North American, Canadian, Australian, South African or New Zealand licenses can be accepted. 

Licenses NOT accepted are Spanish, any South American, Chinese or Indian. For countries not listed please check before booking.


Can the motorhome go on ferries?

Yes, many of our customers visit the western isles or Orkney.

When booking ferries please be mindful that this can be very weather dependant at times.

Please make an allowance for this i.e dont book a ferry for the evening before you are due return the motorhome.

What if I have never driven on the left before?

Swapping sides takes a few hours to get used to, but it is not too difficult.

We are happy to give a little tuition on driving in Scotland and especially on highland roads.

We also provide a copy of the highway code with the vehicle.


How many people can I take?

Zefiro 675 4 Persons (not available for 2023 season)

Zefiro 690 4 Persons (not available for 2023 season)

Autotrail F72 2 Persons


We strongly advise against carrying people unsecured.

Are there any restrictions on what I can take?

Yes, you need to consider weight, all our motorhomes weigh around 3000kg and their total capacity is 3500kg, so you have an allowance of 500kg.

This includes the weight of all passengers and all their belongings.

High power lithium batteries (for drones etc) need to be carried in Lipo safe bags.

We do not allow generators, fold up scooters, outboard engines or any other petrol powered items. 

The carriage of gas cylinders  (other than those provided by us) is also not permitted.


Are motorhomes hard to drive?

Absolutely not. Just take it slowly and you will be fine.

We strongly recommend getting one of your passengers to give you a guide when maneuvering.

Highland roads are often single track, however, there are plenty of places to pass oncoming traffic or to allow faster vehicles to pass you.

Please note, all of our motorhomes have manual transmissions.

Click here for our route advice page.


Can I drive over the Bealach-Na-Ba?

As the North Coast 500 has become busier, the Bealach has become congested at times, and therefore the Highland Council is not recomending this route for motorhomes.

Applecross is still accessable from the coast road, which is equally as stunning.



Are there any age restrictions?

Yes. Drivers must be between 28 and 70 and have held their license for over 3 years.

We can apply to our insurers for drivers between 70 and 79, however there is a £25 administration charge for this.

I have points on my license, is this a problem?

Not normally, however if you have more than 3 points we need to notify our insurers in advance.

Can I contact you by phone?

We have emergency numbers for customers that are out on hire. 

We do all pre-hire comunications via e-mail only.

What is included?
What is included for FREE:

Cutlery, utensils, pots and pans 

First aid kit  
Unlimited mileage  

Bike rack  

Wheel chocks

Fully comprehensive insurance

External 230v lead  

Local tourist and Campsite guides

Gas (for cooking and heating 6kg per week)

Sleeping bags


Pillows and sheets

Toilet chemicals

Outside camping table & chairs

Cleaning Materials   

Stereo with Aux input & bluetooth

Can I take pets?

Yes. However there is an additional charge to cover extra cleaning.

This is £45 per pet and the vehicle will have to be returned at 8:30.

Also, there are strict laws in the Scottish Highlands concerning dogs and sheep. 

We therefore ask that dogs are kept on a leash when they are near sheep.


What happens if the motohome is damaged while on hire?

With a few exceptions, the hirer is responsible for the first £1000 of damage to the motorhome whilst on hire.

The hirer will only be charged for the actual costs of the damage.

For example if the cost of a replacement part and labour comes to £50, the hirer will only be charged £50.

Can I fit child seats?

Yes. However, there are no isofix fittings. 

Child seats with wider bases fit the seats better and are more stable.

In the case where 2 child seats are needed, it is often better to have one fitted in the front.


Can I park my car while I am on holiday?

Yes, we have an area for car parking at £1.50 per day.

Please note, cars are parked entirely at own risk.

What will happen with my information?

All our customers details are kept in the strictest confidence.

Under normal circumstances, sensitive information such as driving license numbers, NI numbers or scans of documents are deleted from our systems 365 days after your hire.

Information will only be shared with organisations or authorities under circumstances that Loch Ness Motorhomes deem to be nessacary and essential.

For example after an incident or insurance claim.


What do I need to bring?

Our motorhomes are supplied with sleeping bags for all the party and all normal crockery so you only need to take your personal belongings and a road map.

We recommend using soft collapsible bags as suitcases will be difficult to store in the motorhome.


Can I take bikes?

Yes, our Zefiro motorhomes are supplied with a bike rack capable of carrying 4 bikes (2x child & 2x adult, 60kg max), and the new Autotrail F72 wiill have a 2 bike rack.

Alternatively, we can arrange bike hire for you at £8 per day including locks and helmets. Depending on the design of the bikes it may be difficult to fit 4 bikes.

E-bikes may be too heavy for the bike racks.

The Zefiro models can also carry bikes inside the rear garage.


What electrical appliances can I use?

Our motor homes have 230v hook up points for when you are at campsites.

In addition to this, there is a 1000w inverter so most electrical appliances can be used.

If you have been parked for a few days without running the engine the batteries may start to go flat if you have been using a lot of power.


Can I come on holiday all year round?

Yes, in fact some parts of the highlands look at their best during the autumn and winter months.

Our motorhomes are well insulated, and have powerful electric and gas heating systems for this reason.

We are open 10months of the year, closed 15th November to 15th December and 15th January to 15th February


What are the rules about drinking?

Technically in Scotland, if you are in possession of the vehicle's keys, and you are over the limit, then you can be prosecuted for drunk in charge of a vehicle. However, if you are parked on a formal campsite with the wheels chocked and the keys out of the ignition, then the police will most likely take a common sense approach and this will be ok. On the other hand, if you are wild camping at the side of the road, this probably will not be the case. We strongly suggest a gap of at least 16hrs between your last drink and driving. Please note that Scotland now has a lower drink drive limit to the rest of the UK. Alcosense tester kits are provided FOC.

Can I book for 2023?

Booking are now open for 2023 for F72 models only

For 2023 will will not be running any other models.