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Booking or Payment Difficulties

This page is to help if you are having difficulty placing a booking or paying for a booking. 

If you have another query then you will probably find the answer on our FAQ page. Click here


1. Availability:

If the dates you are looking for are shown in red on the booking system then we are FULLY BOOKED. This is a live booking system and is 100% accurate all the time.


2. Booking issues:

If you are having problems placing a booking, for example the dates arent showing correctly, try changing your device or browser.

Sometimes there can be updates in formats and certain browsing systems (particularly smart phone apps) may not be compatible at that particular time.


3. Payment issues:

The new 2-factor security systems can be a little tricky, particularly if you are experiencing connection issues. With 2-factor security, you need to approve the tranaction on your mobile banking app and then confirm that you have approved it on the original tranaction. Its the 2nd part most people do not complete properly.


If you have put all your details in then it is very likely that your booking has been created in our system. The best thing to do is just to wait a 5-10 minutes to see if your get an e-mail with a booking number. If you do recieve this then your booking is secured, just wait and we will send you a fresh payment link in due course.



If you are experiencing further difficulties then you can e-mail here