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Hire Notification Form - Recieved

3 Documents you MUST bring:
You must provide all 3 of the following original identification documents to be authorised to have possession of the vehicle and to drive.
We will be unable to hand the motorhome over to you if you fail to provide all 3 of these documents: 

  1. Driving license for all drivers
  2. Passport or other form of official photographic ID (Passport preferred)
  3. Proof of address. A recent domestic bill or bank statement. (No more than 90 days old. For UK license holders the address must be the same address as your driving license, this must be an original paper document, not a photocopy, PDF or digital document)

Our insurance requires that we see original paper documents, please do not e-mail copies or scans.

Further advice on documentation can be found at this page on our website:

Security deposit:
 The security deposit can be made in either of the 2 following ways: 

  1. Credit card (preferred method):  We will e-mail you a payment link on the day before your booking (approx 20:00) to arrange the £1000 credit card pre-authorisation for your security deposit. We do not recommend using debit cards for the security deposit. The card must be in a driver’s name.
  2. Bank Transfer: If you do not have a credit card, then the security deposit can be paid by bank transfer, however this must be made at least 2 days before the handover and may incur transfer fees for foreign accounts.

 We cannot accept cash or cheques for the security deposit.


Unless otherwise already arranged, your hand over appointment slot is: 14:00 to 15:00
Please note: The hand over takes a full hour to complete. If you arrive late, we may not be able to hand the motorhome over to you until we have a free handover slot, which could be much later. Please advise us if you need a later hand over appointment slot, as we may need some notice to change this, as we may have subsequent handovers scheduled.
For insurance purposes we cannot allow customers in to the motorhome until the handover has been completed.
All drivers must be present for the handover.


Once the hire documents are completed all the named drivers will have fully comprehensive insurance cover for the duration of the hire. There is also breakdown cover should anything go wrong. We strongly recommend that you have a suitable travel insurance policy for this type of holiday and you may wish to take out a hire excess policy which is suitable for motorhomes to cover the £1000 insurance excess in the event of an incident (£1500 if attending events or music festivals).
We recommend visiting the following pages on our website:

Route advice: