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Notification of hired vehicle

Please read all of the following BEFORE completing this form

Complete this form 7 days before your first day of hire (forms completed too early will be invalid and deleted)

Items with a red asterisk are required (UK license holders need to also add NI number and DVLA check code)

Enter "NONE" if you do not have any penalty points or have not had any accidents in the last 3 years.

Please note: We delete all sensitive details such as driving license numbers, NI numbers etc 365 days after your hire


Important: For UK license holders!

Read the following information BEFORE completing this form

Please check your license details are correct on the DVLA website, and create a check code for each driver.

Each code will only last 21 days, please do not complete this form too early, as the code needs to be still valid on the first day of your hire.

On the DVLA website, you will need to enter your: license number, NI number, and post code, then "View now"  to see your license information.

Then click on the "share my license information" on the upper right of the page to create the check code.

Enter the code and your NI number in the relevant fields below. The code is case sensitive.

We strongly advise to print out the code from the DVLA website.

Click here for DVLA website