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Sadly, we have had several occasions over the years where we had to send customers home to get documents.

To avoid disappointment please read the following.

3 Documents you MUST bring:

You MUST provide all 3 of the following original identification documents to be authorised to have possession of the vehicle and to drive.

We will be unable to hand the motorhome over to you if you fail to provide all 3 of these documents: 

1. Driving license for all drivers (Manual transmission up to 3500kg)

2. Passport or other form of official photographic ID (Passport preferred)

3. As a proof of address, a recent domestic bill or bank statement. This should be no more than 90 days old. For UK license holders the address must be the same address as your driving license. This document MUST be an original paper document, received by mail, NOT a photocopy, PDF, or digital document, or internet printout. 

Our insurance requires that we see original paper documents, please do not e-mail copies or scans.



What is a suitable proof of address?

1. Bank statement 9. Pay slip (if address is shown)
2. Council tax bill 10. Bill from a water company
3. Credit card statement 11. An electric bill
4. Letter from electoral commission / polling card   12. Phone bill
5. Document from HMRC 13. Letter from a bank or mortgage company
6. Letter from a pension company 14. Property deed
7. TV license 15. Car finance statement
8. Firearms license 16. Student loan letter



Frequently asked questions

What if I do not receive statements or bills in the mail?

Most companies or banks will send you a paper bill or statements on request. You may also be able to get a copy at a branch.



What will happen if I don’t take original documents?

We MUST see original paper documents. If we do not see original paper documents, then we WILL NOT be able to hand the motorhome over to you.


Are digital copies acceptable?

No, we MUST see original paper documents and printed by a bank, HMRC or a utility company.

Can I take photocopies?

No, we need to be certain of the authenticity of the documents, therefore they need to be on the original paper.


What will happen with my information?

All doumentation will be scanned and returned to you. Information will only be shared with our insurers, police or any other agencies under circumstances that is deemed appropriate by Loch Ness Motorhomes. Unless there are any special circumstances such as an ongoing insurance claim etc all hard and digital copies are deleted after 365 days.


Can I print out a bank statement from online banking?

No, we require original documentation as produced by a bank, utility company or local authority.

Can I print out a PDF document

No, we need to be certain that the documents are genuine.

We require original paper documents that have been generated by a bank, HMRC or a utility company.