Motorhome Questions 

Everything you need to know - and more!

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Where can I go? As long as you stay on paved roads we have no restrictions, however we do ask that you give us a rough idea or where you are planning to go. We may be able to help you find more interesting places. We would suggest not to do more than 80-100 miles per day. Click here for our route advice page.We do not allow our motorhomes out of Scotland.

How do I check availability and book? For the quickest and easiet way to check availability and to book online Click here for the booking page. This is a live booking system and always up to date so there is no need to call. 

What about collection and returns? Our standard collection time is 13:00 and returns are at 10:00 or 8:30 for customers with pets. Outwith peak times (normally School / public holidays) we try to be flexible with collection and return times, however this is not always possible. All collections and returns are from our base at Beauly Holiday Park.

Can we collect or return to Edinburgh or Glasgow? No, the all handovers are returns need to be completed at our base in Beauly, near Inverness. However, there are excellent train links to the rest of Scotland from there. 

How does the insurance work? Once the hire documents are completed all the named drivers will have fully comprehensive insurance cover for the duration of the hire. There is also breakdown cover should anything go wrong. We strongly recommend that you have a suitable travel insurance policy for this type of holiday and you may wish to take out a hire excess policy to cover the £1000 insurance excess in the event of an incident. (£1,500 for customers attending events or music festivals, please ask before booking)

Can we view a motorhome before we hire? Yes, however this is strictly by appointment only as often all our motorhomes ar out on hire.

What are your terms and conditions? Click here

Do you have any motorhomes with automatic transmissions? No, all our motorhomes are manual transmission.

Do I have to stop at campsites? One of the great things about touring the Scottish Highlands is that you can stop just about anywhere, however we do recomend staying a few nights in campsites as you may need facilities such as chemical toilet disposal etc. Before wild camping we would suggest that you make yourselves aware of the Scottish Outdoor Access Code though. Click here

Will I need a Generator? No, the use of generators is prohibited due to fuel / fire risk. The battery systems have been upgraded and will give ample power when wild camping.

How much do campsites cost? Typically campsites are around £23 - £28 per night and £3 for electric hook up. Some campsite offer discounts to our customers. Click here for our route advice page.

Can I go to music festivals? Due to insurance restrictions we do not allow our vehicle to be used to attend the larger music festivals such as Belladrum or T in the park. Smaller festivals may be permitted, please ask before booking. The security deposit for attending events or festivals is increased to £1,500.

Can I go abroad? No, we do not allow our motorhomes to travel out of Scotland.

How much fuel will I use? This really depends on how far you wish to travel. Typically our vehicles achieve around 25mpg so we would say a budget of £150 would be about right for most people for a week. Remember your on holiday, take it easy and you will use much less and please remember to fill the tank when you return.

What if something goes wrong? Our motorhomes have full break down cover, in addition to this we also have emergency contact numbers.

Do I need a UK license? No, however we need give our insurers prior notice for non EU licenses.

I have never driven on the left before? Swapping sides takes a few hours to get used to but its not too difficult, we are happy to give a little tuition on driving in the UK and especially on highland roads. We also provide a copy of the highway code with the vehicle.

How many people can I take? Our motorhomes have seat belts for 4, but can actually sleep 6 if required. We strongly advise against carrying people unsecured.

Are motorhomes hard to drive? Absolutely not, just take it slowly and you will be fine. We strongly recommend getting one of your passengers to give you a guide when manoeuvering. Highland roads are often single track, however there are plenty of places to pass oncoming traffic or to allow faster vehicles to pass you. Please note, all our motorhomes have manual transmissions. Click here for our route advice page.

Are there any age restrictions? Yes, drivers must be between 25 and 75 and have held their license for over 3 years.

I have points on my license, is this a problem? Not normally, however if you have more than 3 points we need to notify our insurers in advance.

Can I take pets? Yes, however there is an additional charge to cover additional cleaning, this starts at £40 and the vehicle will have to be returned earlier than normal. There are a lot of sheep in the Scottish Highlands and we therefore ask that dogs are kept on a leash when they are near sheep.

Can I fit child seats? Yes, however there are no isofix fittings. Non isofix seats are available to hire if required. Child seats with wider bases fit the seats better and are more stable. In the case where 2 child seats are needed it is often better to have one fitted in the front.

Can I park my car while I am on holiday? Yes, we have a secure area for car parking for £2 per day. Please note, cars are parked entirely at own risk.

What do I need to bring? Our motorhomes are supplied with sleeping bags for all the party and all normal crockery so you only need to take your personal belongings and a road map. We recommend using soft collapsible bags as suitcases will be difficult to store in the motorhome. All  drivers will need to bring their driving licence, a domestic bill showing the same address as the drivers license plus 1 other form of photographic identification, preferably a passport. UK license holders will need to supply a DVLA check number.

Can I take bikes? Yes, our motorhomes are supplied with a bike rack capable of carrying 4 bikes (2x child & 2x Adult). Alternatively we can arrange bike hire for you at £7 per day including locks and helmets. Depending on the design of the bikes it may be difficult to fit 4 bikes.

What electrical appliances can I use? Our motor homes have 230v hook up points for when you are at a campsites. In addition to this there is a 1000w inverter so most electrical appliances can be used. If you have been parked for a few days without running the engine the batteries may start to go flat if you have been using a lot of power.

Can I come on holiday all year round? Yes, in fact some parts of the highlands look at their best during the autumn and winter months. Our motorhomes have specifically upgraded electrical and heating systems for this reason.

What are the rules about drinking? Technically in the Scotland if you are in possession of the vehicles keys and you are over the limit then you can be prosicuted for drunk in charge of a vehicle. However if you are parked on a formal campsite with the wheels chocked and the keys out of the ignition then the police will most likely take a common sense approach and this will be ok. On the other hand if you are wild camping at the side of the road this probably will not be the case. We strongly suggest a gap of at least 16hrs between you last drink and driving. Please note that Scotland now has a lower drink drive limit to the rest of the UK. Alcosense tester kits are provided FOC.


 If you have any other questions please feel free to e-mail us: info@lochnessmotorhomes.scot